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Cork City Pub

The Cork City Pub is a great place that spacious and inviting. The selection of beer is very impressive. The beers they have on tap are always charging with some hard to find and exclusive crafts brews that you will not find just anywhere. It’s just fun to try to the brews you never seen or tasted before. The prices for the drinks are about normal for the area but you are getting some choices that other places will not have. It’s a great place for the beer loving aficionado out there.  The Cork City Pub is a good place to enjoy all night, or a place to stop in for a quick drink to get the night off on a great note.  The staff is nice and enjoyable, and eager to help you out. It’s the place to go for a relaxed time to watch a game over some tasty beers, while you eats some free wings or cheesy poofs.
239 Bloomfield Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030