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Louise & Jerry's

With its very welcoming ambiance, Louse & Jerry’s is definitely a place you can call home when you want to go out for some great eats and drinks. It’s a place you can go in for a fast drink or two, or stay the entire evening and hang out with all the great patrons. It’s located in the basement level so it has a bit of a dark vibe to it. If you feel like it, enjoy the pool table or jukebox there, or watch a little something on the television where grabbing a brew at the bar. It’s a very relaxing place where the noise level is has a minimum so you can enjoy the people there or anyone you came with without having to yell back and forth. The prices are very affordable and much cheaper than the norm of Hoboken. The staff is very good and friendly, and is not intrusive at all. Louise & Jerry’s is that place you can escape to whenever you feel like it.
329 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030