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Hoboken Bar & Grill

The Hoboken Bar & Grill is a very sociable place to enjoy some drinks and food. It has a pleasurable ambiance along with an extensive and diverse food menu. At the Hoboken Bar & Grill, enjoy some amusing while still chic dining in their beautiful establishment. It’s like the mixture of the fun and jolliness of your local pub with the lively, energetic feel of a classy dining or nightlife experience. It’s a place where you can have some relaxed fun over a few drinks in a very clean and nice looking space.  It’s a place where you can catch the current sporting event with your buddies on the nice array of 12 big screen televisions throughout the building. With all the channels they have available, you can always find the game you want to watch. The Hoboken is located right off the PATH, so you can easily get to it to enjoy some fun times any day of the week with their regular food and drink specials. Give The Hoboken Bar & Grill a chance. I think you’ll dig it.
230 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030-4721