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Maggie's Place

When you go to Maggie’s Place, you always have feel welcomed every time you come in. There is always a happy and inviting mood at Maggie’s Place. They love to make sure they serve their customers right and create a relaxed mood. It’s all about hospitality with them. Maggie’s Place is an awesome spot if you love to drink beer. Maggie’s has been a staple of Hoboken for a long time now. The patrons and the regular customers are very nice and welcoming. Maggie’s Place is like your perfect little neighborhood bar that is your escape from the regular bar/club nightlife. It’s a very unobtrusive place where you can just grab some drinks with some buddies and hang out. Go to Maggie’s Place today and make it your next home away from home.
87 Jefferson Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030-1898