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Mario's Bar

Mario’s Bar is that neighborhood bar that is home to a lot of local regulars that definitely make it their place to go. It has a bit of a nostalgic feel to it. Mario’s gets away from all the wild action of most bars and its just a place to lounge around and get some drinks. It’s a definite place to escape from whatever you are trying to escape from to have a low profile good time. They have a modest selection of beer there and it’s very affordable. They don’t have any fancy drinks there but they are not trying to cater to that crowd. If you feel like it, play a game of pool or play some tunes on the jukebox. The bartender there is great and has been working there for the past 30+ years so he’s got some stories. Mario’s Bar isn’t the classiest of bars, but it definitely a place that will grow on you.
301 Park Ave.
Hoboken, NJ 07030