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McMahon's Brownstone Ale House

At McMahon’s, the wait staff is very nice and welcoming and always make you feel like you belong. Even the owner might be there and introduce himself to you and everyone that works there if its your first time there. It’s that place you can call a home away from home and just relax over some drinks. It’s set a little away from the majority of Hoboken bars, so you get that distance from your regular bar crowd, and instead get your own type of great patrons at McMahon’s. The drinks are affordable and they have a decent selection of brews and liquors to choose from.  It’s that nice neighborhood bar that you can just go chill out at and grab some tasty brews. On Thursday, catch the karaoke night. Try out McMahon’s today, it’s definitely a great place off the rush of Hoboken’s downtown that you can escape to for a little while and be around some nice people.
1034 Willow Avenue
Hoboken, NJ 07030