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Zylo Steakhouse

At the Zylo Steakhouse, enjoy some Italian Tuscan steak cuisine in an amazing environment that is cozy and clean. While you sit, you can take a view of the New York City skyline over the riverfront. On the warmer days, enjoy the spacious outdoor patio area. The look of Zylo, with its steel and stone motif, reaches back to the roots of this industrial city of all the hard working people that helped build this city and nation. The service from the staff is always friendly and prompt, and very knowledgeable about their menu. If you have any questions, just ask them and they willd o their best to answer. The prices for food and drinks are quite reasonable for that part of town, and they do have specials on a regular basis. The food is very well prepared and the sides come in big portions. If you are looking for a classy place to wine and dine, try Zylo Steakhouse for their great good and awesome atmosphere.
225 River Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030-4776