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Moran's Tavern

Moran’s is a great local bar to just go out and chill out at without any intrusion. If you are in the mood for some games, feel free to shoot some darts. They have a couple dartboards there. The bar staff is very nice, inviting, and willing to serve you promptly. They have bunch of big screen televisions if you want to watch some sporting events or whatever big TV program is on. If you want to here some good music, they have a great jukebox with a great modern assortment of music from today and yester years. Moran’s doesn’t sell food but feel free to order in elsewhere and bring it in. Its off set from the regular Hoboken bar scene, so if that isn’t your style, than Moran’s is your type of place. Moran’s is an ideal place to hang out with some buddies over a few brews.
501 Garden Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030